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Off the Reservation by emwebb17 

[cockles, explicit, prison!au, 107k words, rec’d by shiphitsthefan]

Jensen is a young corrections officer on his first job at LA County’s maximum security prison. Misha is an inmate with no sense of personal boundaries.

betty's review

I haven’t finished the series yet, but I finished part 1 (Po Lazarus) and let me tell you, it fucking blew me away. The psychological dynamics alone are perfection, and it fucking terrifies me that not only is Misha portrayed as a totally realistic psychopath, but that I relate to him. You know a fic is good when it makes you question your goddamn identity. 

Please note, however, that even though there is no tag indicating it, I feel that most of the sexual interactions are definitely dubcon, considering Jensen is constantly fearing for his life. It’s a complex relationship that the author set up, so I’m not faulting it for the dubcon elements at all— falling in love with serial killers is a thing, after all— I just wanted to point it out for TW purposes since the fic doesn’t flag it.

I will excitedly be finishing this series, even though I’m breaking my >100k rule, then I’ll be putting it on my fic rec page.

Off The Reservation is my favourite fanfic series, hands down.



The Question: “[Name], would you please sign my boobies?”

Mark Sheppard: “Yes.” [proceeds to label them “right” and “left” with a little grin on his face, then signs.]

Misha Collins: “Of course…wait. Those are - they’re actually called boobies. I was gonna ask you to walk away, but - are these real? This isn’t photoshopped?” [signs name]

Sebastian Roche: “I would love to sign your boobies. These are magnificent boobies. Galapagos Islands, did you know? Oh. It’s labeled right here. Well, I knew that. I want you to know I knew that.” [signs “To Jamie" and then draws boobies on the booby]

Felicia Day: “I was going to do something inappropriate, but I would never do something inappropriate to another woman’s boobies.” [“Jamie! xxoo”]

Richard Speight, Jnr: “Yes. Excellent. This is a welcome addition to Porncouver.” [“Jamie! Sweet Boobies! You rock Porncouver!”]

Jensen Ackles: [bows head over table, shoulders shaking with laughter for ten whole seconds] “Yes. Oh god. Ah. Which booby would you like me to sign? Here, I’ll sign the right one for you. Boobies. Oh god.” [signs name]

Jared Padalecki: “Oh my god, yes. I want to sign your boobies.” [Cliff cracks up in the background. A flimsy table is pounded with a gleeful fist.] “Here, I’ll sign the nice meaty part of this one.” [signs name]

And with that, the Great Booby Saga of 2013 draws to a close.

I’m getting this framed.


Adam Rose: [buries face in elbow, dislodges trilby hat giggling] “That’s a first. Oh wow. That’s hilarious. Here? Is that okay? Oh wow. Boobies. Hah.” [signs name]

Osric Chau: “I get to sign the boobies!” [turns to people standing around] “This made her Tumblr famous, you know.” [signs “Yes we will!” and his name]

Tahmoh Penikett: [smirks] “That is clever. And funny. Shall I sign your — no.” [laughs, shakes his head, signs his name]



You know in all the great movies? When the best friend finally tells the girl what the audience has always known, that he’s been in love with her all along? I can’t let you do this. It can’t go on any longer. I can’t sit here and watch you fall in love with somebody else when I’m already so in love with you. This is that moment, and Cas knows it.  All along he’s felt it too, but he’s been waiting.  Waiting for the go-ahead, to open the floodgates, and let the love that has been there all along pour out. It’s the pinnacle moment in a love story, when finally, finally, everyone admits it out loud.  But, although Cas might be ready, Dean is not. As Dean looks at Cas his reserve begins to crumble, and Dean knows he could never ask for so much, for someone to love him unconditionally when he will never deserve it.  So he backtracks, shakes off the “chick-flick” moment, and puts his walls up once again.  The moment is gone, and it’s a sucker-punch to the gut for Cas. One day Cas will say it, though. When the time is right. But for now he can only look away and hope that his thoughts are loud enough to be heard: Dean Winchester, you’ll always deserve to be loved.


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